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Designer Collaboration

Working alongside 5R Studio to make their design of a beautiful, elegant bathroom a reality.

What if your Client wants their bathroom to look elegant and sophisticated but is afraid of using tiles?  

This was the question that brought 5R Studio to Beyond Tiles.

Their Client “didn’t want tiles ever again”! They had been traumatised by leaking showers and the issues that went with tiles, such as flaking grout and mouldy bathrooms. They were also enticed by the simple, quick procedure of working with Beyond Tiles and having to avoiding the time-consuming process of going through council.

Two complete bathrooms, one toilet and a laundry room all needed to be brought into the 21st century and fit the busy lifestyle of the family.

Margo from 5R Studio came into the showroom to select a panel. She chose White Marble with a 600 x 600mm grout line, White Marble M00 to take the same motif into the adjacent laundry.


White Marble was also used on 1000 x 1000 mm Diamond shower floor to make the ensuite appear larger, by not defining the transition between the floor and the wall. Margo used the same method on the 1400 x 1000 mm walk-in shower in the main bathroom.

A small detail that maybe only a designer could think of was to use a different colour for the niches (alcoves/soapboxes), to complement the flooring. The niches, framed with the gunmetal accents and highlighted with the LED lights, raised the floor colour to eye height, and added another level of detail to the overall look and feel of the bathrooms. Each shower has a niche and so has the bathtub. This small improvement that is also very practical in the daily use, has significantly lifted the bathrooms

It was a new product to 5R Studio, who stumbled on Beyond Tiles at the Home Show. Like with all new things, there was a learning curve involved and lots of questions that needed to be answered about the panels, waterproofing and the whole installation process. But with 2 consultations and a few phone calls - everything was sorted, and the project got underway.

As it was the first time using the product, 5R Studio hired the Beyond Tiles installation team for the job. The installer took 3 days per bathroom to complete all walls (17 panels on average per bathroom) and a shower kitset install, completing one bathroom at a time to allow the family to stay in the house as the project got underway.

Margo and the Beyond Tiles team were constantly supporting each other throughout the process to ensure that the project was running to schedule and all questions were answered. “Each panel was installed to the highest precision and perfection” and with a constant supply of coffee the job moved along smoothly. Both, 5R Studio and their Client were impressed with the craftsmanship of the installer.

What are we left with now that the renovation is complete?
A happy Client who loves not only the appearance of their new bathrooms but also their” practicality, and ease of cleaning” and who recommends 5R Studio and Beyond Tiles to friends and family. 
A Designer who is clearly surprised by the ability to achieve a very similar, clean and elegant look to what is typically done exclusively with tiles, and who is happy to propose this new innovative and easily installed product to other 5R Studio’s customers.


…And for Beyond Tiles - a job well done and a new niche concept!

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