How do I calculate how many panels I need?

Fibo is sold by the panel and you can calculate how many panels you need to cover your area if you have measured this in square metres.
Use the following calculation :
For 600mm wide panels - divide your square metre measurement by 1.488 and round up
For 900mm wide panels - divide your square metre measurement by 2.208 and round up

The 600mm and 900mm panels are the ideal size of panel to clad your entire room as they have our Aqualock tongue and groove system for perfect invisible joints.
We do NOT recommend using a 1200mm straight edged panel (not Aqualocked) to go on a run around the room using an H-shaped profile.
The 1200mm panels are not designed for this purpose as the installation will not be guaranteed watertight.
1200mm panels are specifically intended to be installed as one wall - one panel, in shower areas.
Our guarantee, therefore, does not cover 1200mm panels fitted any other way.

Where can I purchase Fibo products?

To purchase go here

How do I clean and maintain my Fibo panels?

Cleaning should be easy. Fibo panels are very easy to clean and there is virtually no maintenance required.
Clean on a regular basis with just a wipe down using a soft cloth with soap and water or a non abrasive liquid cleaner.
Do not use shower clean "wash & go" type products or limescale removers such as Viakal as the acidic content of some of these products can cause damage or discoloration over time.
Do not allow bleach, abrasive cleaners, paint stripper, white spirit or toilet cleaner to come into contact with the panels.
Methylated spirit can be used on stubborn stains however.
The sealant should also be cleaned often to prevent mould growth.
If using silicone sealant, which is not recommended, regular checks of exposed sealant should be made and this should be replaced if necessary.
This step should not be necessary if using a permanent polymer sealant as recommended.
Steam cleaning machines are NOT suitable for use with Fibo panels.

What does the Fibo guarantee cover?

Fibo offers the domestic customer a 15 year guarantee, from date of installation, that our panels will not crack or delaminate if fitted correctly according to our comprehensive fitting instructions and subject to fair wear and tear.

A base profile must be used when installing panels in a wet area to prevent water damage and, although Fibo boards are made of water resistant exterior grade WBP plywood, all joints and cut edges around baths or shower trays must be sealed properly using one of our recommended hybrid polymer sealants to make the panels fully waterproof.
The guarantee may be invalid if this is not carried out.

Our guarantee does not cover incorrect storage or installation, accidental damage or misuse, structural movement or incorrect maintenance including the use of inappropriate cleaning materials such as bleach or abrasives.
The guarantee will not cover the use of 1200mm panels joined together with an H-shaped profile on a run along a wall.
This method of installation will not be fully watertight and the 600mm and 900mm panels with our patented Aqualock tongue & groove join are specifically designed for this purpose.

Ensure that the panels are checked thoroughly, prior to fitting, for any damage, defects or flaws in the laminate or colour shading.
Where possible the panels should be dry fitted to check how they look before sealing and permanent installation.
If panels are to be installed by a third party tradesperson, the colour should first be approved by the homeowner or end user.

If you have cause to make a claim under our guarantee we will, at our discretion, rectify the problem or replace the panel(s).
We will only cover any claims for refitting costs under exceptional circumstances where a defective panel prohibits ordinary use of the surrounding area.

This guarantee only applies if the products are used in a normal domestic situation.
It does not apply to commercial of exceptionally high use installations.
The guarantee does not confer any rights other than those shown above.
Claims for indirect and consequential loss or damage are specifically excluded.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Got a question about Fibo you cannot find an answer to?

Contact us

Can I fit Fibo panels myself?

Fibo panels are easy to fit and you can certainly do this yourself if you have capable DIY skills and are confident with using standard woodworking tools.
Fitting instructions are included with the panels or can be downloaded from our website.
If you are not confident in your ability, however, any competent professional tradesperson can be employed.
Please contact us for waranty approval.

Are Fibo panels fully waterproof?

The waterproof solution Fibo panels are constructed using exterior grade WBP marine plywood and, providing all exposed plywood edges are fully sealed with a recommended polymer sealant and fitted correctly according to the manufacturers instructions, our panels are guaranteed fully waterproof.

Can Fibo be used in areas such as swimming pools or saunas?

Fibo wall panel should not be used in a sauna, and are not recommended in a swimming pools.
However, Fibo wall panels are a superb choice in Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries, Toilets, Kitchens, Kitchen Splash Backs, Changing rooms, Utility Rooms, Garages, Retail fit outs, Cabinetry panels, Sliding doors, Display Panels, Shop Linings, Food preparation, Restaurants, Commercial kitchens, Industrial and public showers and wet areas.

My panel has a chip - can I repair this?

We recommend the use of a product called COLORFILL (Unika) which is an acrylic gap filler and sealant more commonly used to repair worktops but which can be used on our panels to repair small chips or minor scratches on the laminate of the boards.
It comes in a wide range of colours which can be matched to the colour of your panel. Colorfill can be purchased in all good builders merchants or DIY stores. Here is a link to the website :

You can also use an appropriate colour of nail varnish for tiny marks if necessary.


How do I store Fibo panels?

Dry and laid flat. Fibo panels should be kept dry and not be leaned against walls, stored vertically or balanced upon trestles but should be laid flat and, if stored in very cold conditions, should be acclimatised at room temperatures for 3 days prior to fitting.It is important that the panels, being a wood based product, are at the right temperature when installing.

Can Fibo panels be fitted directly on studs?

Yes they can and this is one of the biggest advantages.
Additionaly no waretpfoofing membrane is needed behind our panels.
Big advantage, quick and easy:)

What is the best way to fit Fibo panels?

Look for Installation instructions and guides here

Is there something special to take into consideration before fitting Fibo panels?

It is important that Fibo panels are stored correctly.
All our panels should be stored on a dry, flat surface.
Make sure the panels acclimatise for 3 days before fitting.
Remember to have them lying on a flat, dry surface.
Always check for any damage or flaws in the laminate or colour shading issues BEFORE fitting.
Dry fit initially if possible to check panels look correct once upright on the wall.

Can Fibo panels be fitted directly on studs?

Yes, they can and this is one of our biggest advantages. Fast and easy installation. No support of membrane needs to be fitted behind the panels.

What is the best way to fit Fibo panels?

Please contact us for approved instollers or for DIY please refer to our fitting instructions provided with the panels or see our online installation guides.