We take pride as designers and makers of fine New Zealand Shower Systems.




One of a kind.  A clean minimalistic look is created with the perfect appearance of a nearly flat surface, channel  drain and no visible waste. When you buy a Beyond Tiled Shower, your peace of mind is backed up by a lifetime warranty.


Beyond Tiled Shower

Is an innovative proprietary solution, that offers several benefits:

  • Straightforward, fast installation.

  • Nearly flat platform is comfortable, and safe to use.

  • Designed to eliminate mould and residue deposits in corners.

  • A clean minimalistic look.

  • Extremely easy to clean.

The tile Look

Inspired by our customers, as well as builders, we recognised the popularity of the tile look.​

Even though tiles look great, they are hard to maintain and often, in the long run, it is hard to keep the mould off the grout lines.​

To overcome those challenges, we use best in the industry FIBO a Scandinavian 100% waterproof panel lining system, with a mould free tile design characteristic – yet affordable, and more eco-friendly than ceramic tiles.


Freedom Of Choise

Unlike many ordinary showers, you are able to select from

 a vast variety of colours and texture options.  

In addition to our standard range of sizes and glass configurations, we offer custom made showers to accommodate the most demanding tastes.

Your individualised shower kit will be ready to dispatch from our factory within 5 working days from the time you place an order.

Stainless Steel Base

NZ houses are mostly built with timber where showers are  exposed to  a number of challenges. Throughout the change of seasons with humidity and temperature differences timber framing constantly moves with great force. To maintain waterproof integrity showers need to cope with the forces of continious micro movements

in addition to everyday wear and tear. Based on many years of experience, we have designed a stainless-steel inlay system ensuring superior waterproof properties and durability. All our shower bases come with the stainless steel inlay system, which is a bulletproof industry solution to withstand the test of time.


Beyond Tiles Ltd is the New Zealand appointed importer of Fibo waterproof wall panels from Norway.

Fibo has been manufacturing wall panels and equipping in excess of 1 million bathrooms since 1952 and continues to supply over 70,000 bathrooms per year.

  • Distinctive expression with six different collections

  • More than 90 different colors and patterns 

  • 30 different grout line designs

  • All up over 750 combinations to choose from

A vast range of applications including bathrooms, showers, wet rooms, laundries, toilets, residential and commercial kitchens, utility rooms, garages, retail fit outs, cabinetry panels, sliding doors, display panels, shop linings, food preparation, restaurants, industrial and public showers and wet areas.


Instant, fully waterproof and hygienic walls.

A simple, stressless implementation system for superior results. 

Add value to the property with less work. 

You save on time, materials and labour cost.

Enjoy beauty and practicality in your bathroom.


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