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Fibo™ Wall Panels for Bathrooms

The quick-to-install waterproofing solution that DIY-ers have been waiting for. These Scandinavian  panels achieve long-term performance and compelling style, at a price-point Kiwis can afford.

Fibo™ versus tiles

Most people can't tell the difference between traditional tiles and this quality waterproofing panel solution. Behind the scenes, Fibo™ is backed with a thin sheet of wood that can be invisibly attached to wall studs, without the need for extra gib board. Could you tell the difference? See our gallery of 50 plus styles.

Less maintenance & mold resistant

Our customers love the Scandinavian look of Fibo™ panels and the low maintenance regime to keep their bathrooms looking great. No dirty grouting and no mould means less time scrubbing and a more hygienic bathroom. If you have any questions about Fibo™ wall panels, make an enquiry and we'll get back to you quickly!

Great solution for renovation DIY-ers

If you've tiled bathrooms before, you'll know it can easily take 4-5 days on average. If you've ever paid somebody to install tiles for you, you'll know how quickly the labour costs can skyrocket. Generally speaking, DIY-ing a bathroom with Fibo™ panels can be done in 20% of the time it takes with tiles. You'll also avoid the extra tools and challenges associated with cutting tiles. See our list of instructional videos on how to install the Fibo™ panel system.

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