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Fibo™ Wall Panel Collections


A Nordic touch bathroom with white neutral surfaces?
Maybe you wish to express yourself through colourful walls?

We invite you to discover your favourite panel from 75+ designs and colours.

Full Range available by Special Order.

C Black 1066 F00.jpg
C Black 1066 ME88.jpg
Marina Grey Oak 0194 EM M6040.jpg
Marina Oak - M00.jpg
Marina Oak - M6040 z.jpg
1949 EM M00 - Marina Oak.jpg
Black Marble 2272 M6060 S.jpg
Black Marble 2272 S M00.jpg
White Marble 2272 M6060 S.jpg
White Marble 2272 S M00.jpg
Golden Brown Marble 2278 M6060 S.jpg
Golden Brown Marble 2278 S M00.jpg
Silver Grey Marble 2279 M6060 S.jpg
Silver Grey Marble 2279 S M00.jpg
Lentini Dark 8056 STN 6040.jpg
Lentini Dark 8056 STN M00.jpg
White slate 4091 S F05.jpg
White slate 4091 SL ME88.jpg
Palermo 4791 GEM M6030.jpg
4761 GEM ME88 - Palermo.jpg
2212 HG M00 - Aquamarine.jpg
2212 HG M0303 - Aquamarine.jpg
Grey concrete 4943 EM M6030.jpg
4943 EM m00- Grey Concrete.jpg
Milano Antrasite 4054 HG F24.jpg
4943 EM ME88 - Grey Concrete.jpg
Abbey Shale 4281 GEM M6060.jpg
Black stone 4760 GEM M6060.jpg
4098 HG M6040 - Kalahari.jpg
Svalbard 0090L S M6030.jpg
Olivegreen 5206 EM M00.jpg
Avalon Pine 1412 EM M6040.jpg
Shabby Chic 2898 RU M6030.jpg
Grey Sahara 4746 STN M6040.jpg
Lentini Grey 8053 STN M6030.jpg
Legato white 110 S Hvit E.jpg
Rough wood 7969 SC M6060.jpg
Soft cement 0145 M00.jpg
Athena white 5091 HG M6030.jpg
Grey Cement 2145 S M6030.jpg
Denver White marcato LARGE 2.jpg
Denver White marcato panel.jpg
Denver White Fortissimo LARGE 2.jpg
Denver White Fortissimo Panel.jpg
Rhodos white LARGE 2.jpg
Rhodos white panel.jpg
Cracked cement M6060.jpg
Cracked Cement M00.jpg
Athena white 5091 HG M6030.jpg
Add a heading.jpg
Bianco Marble.png
Grey Slate.png
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