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Bathroom with High Contrast

A black and white pallet to create a big impact in a small space

Wanting to completely transformation their small, uninspiring bathroom into an oasis of style and functionality, is what brought this Howick couple into the Beyond Tiles Showroom.

Imagine a compact bathroom that was begging for a makeover. Our client had a dream of turning this tiny space into a personal retreat with a bold play of black and white, and they wanted it done fast. They chose to work with us specifically because there was no need for lengthy approvals and our promise of a quick installation process. Challenge accepted!


To make the most of the limited space, we strategically incorporated a 1000 x 1000 3-Sided Alcove shower with a hinge door. This compact, yet stylish shower solution not only maximised the available space but also ensured a seamless and sleek design. It perfectly fit the small bathroom layout, offering functionality without compromising the aesthetic.

In keeping with the overall design theme, the shower handle and all the joinery were elegantly finished in Gunmetal. This choice not only ensured a cohesive look but added the touch of dark sophistication to the shower enclosure.

Our mission was clear: maximize every inch of this small bathroom while ensuring it radiated warmth, comfort, and a stunning contrast of black and white. Small spaces often present unique opportunities for creativity, and we were eager to tackle this one with speed and efficiency

When it came to selecting materials, our aim was to bring the clients vision to life while ensuring a harmonious look. For the walls, they went with the S White 60x30, acting as a clean and timeless canvas that made the small bathroom feel more spacious. The flooring received a warm touch with a dark vinyl featuring a wood-look finish, adding both coziness and delightful contrast.


The Dark Soot which was introduced on the shower base, was used in the M88 feature panel to highlight the shower rose, also found it place in the niche. This clever design choice not only created a seamless and harmonious look but allowed the niche to blend cohesively with the rest of the shower area. The consistent use of the Dark Soot panel in both the shower and the Niche added an element of design continuity, making the entire space feel thoughtfully integrated.


Our journey from project inception to completion has been truly rewarding. The client's delight in our wide panel options, our ability to tackle design challenges, and the competence of our hardworking installer all reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. The customer's satisfaction with our work extends to practicality as well. They are impressed with how easy it is to clean and maintain the design. This feedback reaffirms our commitment to providing not only aesthetically pleasing solutions but also ones that are functional and easy to care for, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable space for our clients


Shower Base
Feature Wall Panel M88

Wall Panel
S White 60 x 30

Beyond Tiles Consultant:
Bree Morgan

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