Port Waikato

Difficult Bathroom with three major challenges

Materials used:

For this installation, the customer chose  to install our Cracked Cement, without grout lines, waterproof panels.

Cracked Cement

2204 S M00

No pattern

600 x 2400




The project:

In 2019 we were asked to install Cracked Cement waterproof panels in two challenging bathrooms in Port Waikato, New Zealand.


We came across three big challenges on this project. The first and most obvious challenge was that there were windows in both showers that had to be made waterproof. To add to the difficulty, each bathroom had a shampoo niche and one of them was over-sized, spreading across the entire wall. The third challenge was to install panels on a leaning wall on one side of the bathroom.


The advantage of using our waterproof panels is that they are versatile and easy to install, meaning we were able to overcome the challenges that we faced in this bathroom without any problems. If we were to use traditional tiling methods, these challenges would have posed a serious problem as laying tiles on a diagonal and varied surface like this is extremely difficult, requires a lot of preparatory work and a number of different trades to be involved. This results in significantly more time and managerial efforts being necessary.


The project was completed in two days. The client was very happy to see that we were able to install our panels and provide the bathroom with a waterproof lining so quickly. They were also very happy with the Cracked Cement look of the bathroom.

75 Felton Mathew Ave

St Johns 

1072 Auckland